Monday, May 10, 2010

My 2nd Mother's Day!

My 2nd Mother's Day was amazing.  We have been going to a church just down the road from us for several weeks.  Let's just say...the sermon was awesome, the praise was awesome, the fellowship was awesome!
After church, Brad took Emma and I to a new eatery we found: Ozona's and Brad loves it!

(which if you know him, you know he is kind of picky about his food....ask him about the times I make him shut his eyes to eat something I fix....just fyi, he ends up liking it...a little flavor doesn't kill anyone)

Anyway, then it was to the mall just to do a little walking around.  I can't tell you how many people who didn't even know me told me Happy Mother's Day.  This place is like a big small town....I LOVE it!!
And then, Brad let it slip....what he was getting me for Mother's Day.
Ok, so first let me explain, I have already given him a hard time about it so telling the story on here won't matter.

Ok, first things first, for Brad's birthday he was given a video game from a customer at The Feed Store.
More specific, he was given a WII game.
To which I said, "Honey, I will start saving and get us a WII for Christmas or something."
Which I have been saving since his birthday.

So, how many people can guess what my Mother's Day present was?
Um, yeah, a WII.
I am not quite sure there wasn't an alterior motive on his part.  
But, none the less, we now own a WII.
And it is fun.
And I make him bow down to me with the tennis game.

And even though the gift was awesome, this was my favorite moment of the day...

They had so much fun playing in the water....those are the moments that I wish I could freeze in time.
And that's when I am glad I have a camera. 
Because after my blonde moment in wishing, I remember I can just take a picture!
To catch a moment like this....

Now, those are my two loves.  And they mean all the world to me.
Until Next Time,

                                                                                 the dramaqueen

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