Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bobby Eason & Rikki-Gene Whitfield

First, let me start by saying, I love taking pictures!  I have been dabbling in photography since I was around 10 when my Aunt Karen took me out and introduced me to a lens.
There is just something about looking through the camera and capturing moments in time that would otherwise be forgotten in the years to come.
And what is great about doing this as a hobby, job, or just because is taking photos of friends and family!
I have known Rikki-Gene for several years. 
We were in at least 3 plays in high school and in a very crazy drama class.....(SPIDER!) 
So when she approached me a couple of weeks ago to take her engagement pictures, I was so tickled!
I had so much fun!  I hope you enjoy!

Until Next Time,

                                                                  the dramaqueen

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