Sunday, August 15, 2010

18 Months and Counting...With a General Update

Wow!  These last 18 months have flown by so fast!
Emma is doing absolutely amazing!
She has had relatively no problem transitioning to no pacifier.
And she is learning a new word everyday! 
I think she mostly just has a problem with going to bed, but hey, who doesn't at some point in their life?
Brad has been super busy with fire departments and class in his new job.
I believe they are gearing up for a fall/winter fire season.
Fires are already popping up here, there, and everywhere!  So, I think it will be a busy one.
And today the Britten family tried another church here in C-Stat.
This time we went Methodist.
And the child care/nursery facility was absolutely amazing!
Emma didn't even cry when we left her!  She found a sweet playmate and was off!
Which was a relief to Brad and I because of her last experiences with church nurseries.
And this church was really nice and the people were again very welcoming.
I can't wait to try it again!
Anywhoo, we went to take Emma's pics again for our scrapbook!
So here are her 18 month pics!

Our baby is growing up so fast! 
But, I think we can wait a long while before we get #2 on the ground!
Emma is just way too much fun!

Until Next Time!
                                                    the dramaqueen

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