Sunday, April 11, 2010

Houston, The Beach, and Everything in Between!

I love going to visit family!  This weekend Brad and I packed little Emmaelynn into the car and we went to HOUSTON!
Now, this is the first time Emma and I have ever been to this Texas city and Houston did not disappoint!
The main reason for our little trip was to visit Brad's Uncle Nicky and Aunt Karen.
We had so much fun visiting.  Karen treated us to a wonderful soup on our first night there and it was so delicious!
On Saturday, Brad and I decided to head on down to Galveston while both Nicky and Karen were at work.
Man!  It is such a different world down there!
Palm trees and water lined the bridges and roads.  But along the way we did see signs of the hurricane devastation.  Almost three years from when it hit and Galveston is still in much needed repair.
For lunch, we took Emma to the Rainforest Cafe.  Emma loved looking at all of the life-like animals!
After having an excellent meal we went to the Moody Garden Aquarium.  Oh, how Emma loved to look at the fish swimming around!
Here are just a few snippits from our time there!

This little guy was about the size of Emma's pinkie!  Thank goodness for zoom!

This is how I would imagine it would be like with a sea turtle swimming above you under the sea.
How peaceful!

Here are just a few more...

After we finished at the aquarium, it was so nice out that we decided to take Emma for her first experience with the beach and ocean!
She loved it!

Brad and I had a blast, Emma had a blast, and it was so nice to get out with just the three of us!
I guess you could say this is the first of many mini-vacas for our future!

Until next time,

                                                                        the dramaqueen

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