Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Death of a Monkey

As a baby and young child, you had a favorite book.  That one you would want read each night before you went to bed, your favorite.
Emma's favorite book is one from when I was a little tike; Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.
She got a copy of this little book from Ousia for Christmas this year and it is already getting worn out!
So for Easter, JoJo wanted to make a cake with the theme of that cake for Emma. 
It was a very sweet cake.  And Ousia got to practice with gumpaste to form little monkies. 
It was a very cute cake!

And the monkies were so cute!

And Emma really liked it!

And then it happened.
It was so quick no one saw it coming.
That poor monkey.
It didn't even stand a chace.

She grabbed and he died.

The only thing left on the cake was his poor legs.

And what was left of him after we got him from her hand.

R.I.P little monkey.

Until next time,

                                                     the dramaqueen

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