Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Lesson Learned

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog about being patient and having faith.
Apparently, I still need to learn a little more patience.
This story is to amuse and you might even have an out right burst of laughter.
I employ to do so; it is funny.

This week, I talked to a bestie (who is my hair stylist) and it was decided I was
in desperate need for a new do and/or dead end removal.
No big deal.  We set up a time to meet Thursday.
Thursday came, sweet baby boy
 (whom Emma loves and I swear they are like two peas in a pod.)
got sick with a fever.

I got the news and was sad; I really needed to get my hair cut and my weekend
was full.  There was no other day to get it done.
So what do I do?
Go to another lady, which I did not know, and let her cut my hair.

I walk into the salon holding a picture of a haircut I have had many times.
I know the cut and what it is supposed to look like.
I show the lady the picture.
I am assured she can cut it with no trouble.
She looks at the picture, sets it down, and begins to cut.
With a razor.
First of all, when using a razor to cut hair:

1. You never twist the hair, it will cause you to cut the hair unevenly.
2.  You never use the razor in an upward motion.  Just at a downward angle.

There was no "getting a base line to begin with".  Just a razor and going.
Me, sitting in the chair, I think; "Eh, what is happening?....bad feeling....."
But she has already started so I have to let her finish.
I watch the mirror for a total of 15 mins.
She tells me she is done, drys my hair, I pay her, and leave.
I see the damage; Worst Haircut Hall of Fame is sitting on my head!
9 times out of 10, I can take any hair cut good or bad and turn it into something awesome.
But, looking into the mirror and feeling the cut tells me a different story.
One side of my hair is by my ear....the other side is below...AND IT IS OBVIOUS!
Still I think, ok, no biggie, it has to be the way it dried.
Next morning......uh, yeah, it wasn't the way it was dried. 
It was very much two different lengths.
So, I call around and find someone to fix the problem.
(all day I walk around with a slightly tilted head to avoid the questions from coworkers.)
Needless to say, I went and got my hair fixed.

I need to remind you.
9 times out of 10 I can work with any hair cut.  I used to be paid to style hair.
For me to say, "This hair cut is not good and I have no idea of how to fix it."
You know it was just that bad.
Now, my hair is oh so very short.
I have deemed it the "Not So Extreme Rhianna Faux Hawk".
I will have to put a pic of it on here for reference tomorrow.
And as a reminder to have patience and wait for your bestie to cut your hair.
AND as a referral of hair cuts to NEVER get again.
Yes, God, I have learned my lesson.

Until Next Time,
                                     the dramaqueen

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