Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hug....

First of all, this week was pay day!  YAYNESS!
But this small anecdote means so much more to me than a dollar amount.

School has been going for about 6 six weeks now. 
In fact, I do believe the first 6 weeks is over next week.
I love my job.
Part of my job is watching students that go to daycare.
(Until the daycare workers come to pick them up.)
I met a boy in there the first week of school.
No eye contact and no emotion but anger came from this boy's vibe.

Now, I believe that in everyone there is good.  No matter how bad they may act.
Somewhere inside them there is a good person.
Call me niave.  I don't care.  It's just what I think.

2 weeks into the school year, this boy got very angry and decided not to leave school.
He just sat there in my room refusing to get up and leave.
It took us 30 mins to get him out of the school and on the daycare van.
Something was wrong.  There had to be a reason why he was so upset.
A week later he shut down on me again, refusing to leave the school.
The next day, I learned his mom was battling cancer.
And my heart just ached for this little boy.
Last week, he started to shut down again.
I went and sat by him.
I didn't really speak; I just sat there.
The next day, I could tell he was happier.
This week, he has started to smile huge smiles when he comes into my room.
And today, he have me the biggest hug and said, "Thank you."
And made it all worth it.

                            ~ the dramaqueen

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