Tuesday, September 7, 2010

19 months of Something Wonderful

Last week, Emma turned 19 months.
She is growing up waaaaay too fast!

I love to watch her play during the day, her expressions are so cute!
I think she is going to be a thinker.
Everytime she sees something new, she will sit there and play with it until she figures it out.
Just look at this concentration face!

And she is hardly ever quiet nowadays!
But, we love it!

Even JoJo joined in her tea party!

And she is so loving!
She is going to be such a great big sister someday!

As long as they don't mind a crown, bow, and the possibility of being hugged to death.
Which might be bad if she has a brother.
Although, a person (who will remain nameless), had his hair curled numerous times
and only has one scar.
But that is lightyears away.
So, until next time....


                                                                         the dramaqueen

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