Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brad's Going Away Celebration!

Tonight, we got to get together with friends and family to celebrate Brad's new career!
It was so great to see everyone and enjoy great conversation!

But the greatest surprise of the night though was the surprise guest for Brad.
The state representative that wrote the bill which created the job Brad has taken dropped by to express his gratitude for this new career.

Representative David Swinford brought with him a Texas flag that was flown over the capital in honor of Brad and his new endeavor.
Brad was so excited!

And thank goodness for JoJo and her cookies/cakes!  With Brad and I being gong for most of the week, I didn't have time to make and decorate dessert treats!
Thanks to her, it wasn't as stressful!

Yummy goodies like JoJo's deserve pictures too!

Brad was so proud of his cake!

And for people to take as they left to go home, JoJo's cookies and our new address!
We are going to miss everyone so much, but it was great to spend the evening with them!

To get our new address, please email us for it!  We would be glad to give it to you!
Until next time,
the rhinestones of a drama queen

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