Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Celebration of Brad...

It was a warm and humid night.  My friend Rikki was pestering me to go out with her.  I really didn't want to, I was so tired of the bar scene and the types of the opposite sex that were always there.
But I eventually caved and off we went to The Golden Light.
We were there for about 2 hours and the atmosphere was stuffy and not appealing to us.
As we were about to leave, we were dragged onto the dance floor for several songs and things were starting to become fun.  And that was when I saw him.  Across the room, sitting at the bar was this man.
He was wearing a straw cowboy hat and a sparkling smile.  I winked.  I don't think he noticed, but I did.

Little did I know I would marry that man a little over a year later.
Yes, ladies, this is what I wake up to everyday.  Very handsome, huh? 

And on Friday, it will be his birthday.
Just think, 27 years and about 6-7 months ago God's great plan began.
It was then that He was designing my perfect mate.
How awesome that is to think about!
He, Brad, is of God's grand design and it was for myself and Emma
(and anyone else that comes around in the far future).
How perfect is God's plan.
Brad is
smart, loving, generous, loyal, dependable, stedfast, strong, handsome, wonderful, hard-working, kind, considerate, and above all else, a terrific dad.
And this week is his birthday.
So let us celebrate him!
Happy Birthday, Brad/Daddy!

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