Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The First of Many 'Lil Blogs!

I LOVE Christmas! It just seems to me that this time of year is when families gather together and are the closest. With many changes in my family's future, I have taken a step back this weekend and remembered. Remembered how much I enjoyed late movie nights, card games, sleep overs, red velvet cakes, and my family. I grew sad quickly, remembering the loved ones I have lost, but, just as quickly as it had set in, it was gone. I get to create the same lasting memories from my childhood for my own little girl. So tonight, as I was downloading the last little bit of photos from my camera, I came across this video of my daughter and nephew. Their innocence, sweet smiles, intoxicating laughter, and out-of-this-world dance moves are what I have to look forward to. I hope I never forget this feeling I have in my heart this Christmas of making my little girl's dreams and memories come true! Enjoy their video!

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