Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Whole New Year...

A New Year is upon us.  Really, it has already been going for almost a month now.  This year marks 1 year in a town that I have grown to love, 6 months in a job that was meant just for me, 3 years into Emmaelynn's amazing life, and almost 4 years married and 5 years together with Brad and I.  Now, when most people ring in the new year, resolutions come with it.  I really don't like that word, I like LIFE CHANGE.  It sounds more concrete, more of a reality, and a phrase that will likely keep me from trying to break.  With that being is what I plan to do. 

1.  Especially during the summer; doing extra special things with Emma.  I can't seem to get enough of her.  It's so very hard to be away from her everyday.  I miss her terribly.

2.  I am going to learn the guitar.  Santa brought one to me years ago....I never learned.....I AM GOING TO LEARN.  end of story

3.  I am going to get back into shape.  That is going to be my hardest challenge.

4.  I want to cook at least 1 meal a week from my Pioneer Woman Cookbook....and then purchase her new cookbook(whilst begging JoJo, Ouisa, and Granny Faith to please take me with them to have her sign it...) I promise I'll be good!!!!!

5.  Take little extra moments to show and tell Brad just how much I love him.

6.  And maybe, take him on a date every now and then.  Once a month would be awesome....but I'm not going to try and push it.

Anyway, there you have it....MY LIFE CHANGES.....We shall see how this year goes!

Until Next Time..

                                   ~the dramaqueen

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