Monday, July 11, 2011

An Emma blog....

A week before Father's Day,
 my brother and sister in law helped me take some
photos of Emma, a la Pirtle Photo.
You see, Emma being two and all,
refuses to look at the camera.
I must say, Tif, you were excellent at
somersaults (wink, wink)
and Chris,
best peek-a-booer around!
Yes, it took all three of us to get her to look at the camera.
But what was the most excellent of all was how hard Tif worked on the pictures for Brad.
You see, they were his Father's Day present.
And they did an excellent blog about their fav of her pics, too.
But now it is my turn.

There are more I really, really like.  But, my computer doesn't want to load them
This next picture, I really loved. 
But, I wanted something to hang in Emma's room that was her and art, too.
And this is what I came up with...

 I think it will look amazing in her room.
Thank you, Tiffany and Chris for taking these pictures and all the other ones!
You both are truly talented and we love her portraits!
Until Next Time...
                          ~the dramaqueen

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