Friday, June 10, 2011

A 2 year old + Potty Training

Ok, so I will be the first to admit it; since Emma turned 2 I have been trying to get her potty trained.
She had been showing all the signs of ready for potty training since she was 18 months.
But, I held off until 2 years came around and the move to the Big Country was complete.

I have tried:

*Prize shopping at Dollar General
*Using the Timer every 25 mins.
*A very catchy potty song....(Thank you, Weazer, from your twirl sponsor days.)
*A book that tells the story of how a little girl goes potty to become a big girl,
with flushing sound effects
*An Elmo movie about how to use the potty and why

And guess what?
It was very aggravating to say the least.
I had almost given up.
I kind of felt like I was talking to a brick wall that just wouldn't pay attention.
The brick wall being Emma, of course.
I could talk about it until I was blue in the face
and nothing but a blank, 'I don't really care' face stared back.
Until tonight.
Without hesitation, prompting, or begging/barginning.
(And me pretending to not be paying attention.)
Emma, on her own, took her diaper off and sat down on her 'froggy potty'.
She has done this numerous times before with no result.
I had began to think that she just wanted to sit there for fun.
But this time, after she got up,
was in the 'froggy potty'.
So to all you moms out there that are trying potty training, or about to start, or have done it in the past.
If you also have a strong-willed child too.
In my experience, after you have talked yourself blue, bribed as much as you possibly can,
used the timer over and over and over,
and you still are getting no results.
Sometimes, just sometimes...
they just have to happen upon success themselves.

Now, if only she can keep this up....

Until Next Time,
                                          the dramaqueen

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  1. We too have the froggy potty. Claire has been doing great on it! I was really surprised. I was just gonna let her stay in diapers forever! How is your little one doing with it now?