Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Easter Sacrifice

I have never really done Lent.  It was not something that was even talked about much in my home. (That I can remember.)  That is, until I met and married into Brad's family.  I still haven't really done it, though.  I kind of have that feeling of, if my heart isn't in the right place to really understand what it is, then I shouldn't do it.  It is the same thing with New Year's Resolutions.  I find them stupid.  (No offense to anyone who does them.)  I like to do, what I call, life changes.  My life changes have been so wonderful this year.  Although, they are very discrete....they are still there.  So back to lent.  Lent.  I really don't like that word either.  It is so casual.  I find that the importance of giving up something for 40 days needs something more tangable.  Powerful.  So I say, Sacrifice. 

Have you ever really thought of the word, Sacrifice?  As a mother, sacrifice comes as second nature to me with my little one and family.  But to make a spiritual sacrifice.  Now that is something else.  So this year is the first year I have done an Easter Sacrifice.  Some may give up T.V., Facebook, or caffiene for this time of year.  But to me, it means something entirely different.  Yes, I can give up all those things but I kind of think that He may want more.  Like sacrificing your time to be with Him.  Sacrificing your time to help someone put groceries in their car or opening a door.  So I, I am giving up my time for someone else (other than family).  I also have this book that is about having a closer walk with God in 40 days.  So, again, I am going to sacrifice my time to do that book and work on my relationship with Him. 

And now, I am off of my soap box.  Amen.
Until Next Time,

               the dramaqueen

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