Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Road Trip...

I have the most wonderful husband.  He is smart and caring.  And handsome, oh so handsome!
I am proud of my husband.  He has a dream job he has dreamed about for years.
I have heard about this job for years. 
(Sometimes I want to scream because he talks about ALOT.)
This past fall, a job within this state agency opened up with 11 openings in Texas.
We were excited, Brad was excited.
He applied for this job in November and we waited.
He got a phone call in December and a phone interview a week later.
Then, we waited; again.
Another phone call came.  He recieved an in-person interview.
I'm so proud of him.  He may get to work at his dream job.
Last week, we went for the interview.  (Emma got to stay at Papi and JoJo's house.)

I had to take pictures.  This could be a life-changing move.  It had to be documented.
This was a barn on the way to the interview.  By the way, Brad and I love A&M.

Yes, we pulled over on the side of road just to take the pictures.

This is probably the coolest barn I have ever seen!

Our hotel room.  It was amazing!

About to go and tour the town! 

Before he went to the interview.  Doesn't he look so handsome? 

I had to let him have an adult beverage after his interview.  He needed to destress!
And now, we wait again. 
God only knows what will be in store for our little family in the next
couple of months.  But, on the way home, we decided to let go and let God.

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